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How do I become an LNS member or renew my membership?

  1. Complete the online membership form

  2. Make payment

    • by cheque:
      Literacy Nova Scotia
      PO Box 1516
      Truro NS
      B2N 5V2

    • by paypal

    • by etransfer:

  3. After your application and payment have been processed, you will receive a membership package and a receipt.


Note: The $10.00 membership fee will be waived for learners enrolled in a community learning organization for upgrading.
*Multi-year membership will be accepted at the same cost per year

LNS Memberships run from September 1 — August 31 each calendar year. All memberships expire on August 31st and renewal fees are due on September 1st.


Membership dues shall be set each year by the Board upon approval of the Coalition membership and are as follows:

Annual Organizational

Fee - $75.00

Annual Individual

Fee - $10.00

For Organizational Memberships, one representative from your organization will have the privilege to cast a vote during our Annual General Meeting. Additionally, they will also have the chance to participate in serving on the LNS board or on one of our committees.

However, if you wish to personally exercise your right to have a say in Literacy Nova Scotia's decision-making processes, we strongly encourage you to consider obtaining an Individual Membership. This will ensure your direct involvement and voice within our organization.



The Benefits of Joining Literacy Nova Scotia

  • Add your voice to the wide membership that speaks for the advancement of all levels of adult literacy in Nova Scotia.

  • A vote at the Annual General Meeting.

  • A chance to serve on the LNS board or on a committee.

  • Receive monthly eNews and other information via electronic listserv. Members may request to post announcements of interest to other literacy organizations.

  • Discount for conferences, events, and other opportunities when applicable fees are charged.

  • eCampus offers discussion forums to enhance your understanding of adult literacy by means of conferencing, training, technical assistance and communication. Member web forum discussions can also be hosted.

  • Member organizations have access to programs and services offered by Literacy Nova Scotia:

    • Scholarships and Bursaries for learners in your programs
    • Practitioner Training and Certification Program
    • LNS Resource Hub
    • Conferences, workshops and other events
    • NSSAL Community Grants*
    • Professional Development Fund*

           .           *Available to NSSAL funded community learning organizations only

Why join Literacy Nova Scotia?

You can make a difference!

  • Help Nova Scotians access quality literacy, essential skills, and lifelong learning programs.

  • Ensure practitioners (paid and volunteer) have the skills they need.

  • Support adult learners’ participation.

  • Promote the value of literacy to all Nova Scotians.


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