Since 1992, Literacy Nova Scotia (LNS) has been supporting the literacy community by working to ensure that all Nova Scotians have equal access to quality literacy, essential skills, and lifelong learning opportunities.

PGI grants map

Literacy Nova Scotia is a non-profit charitable umbrella organization that provides a provincial forum for organizations and people to work together so that every adult has literacy and essential skills learning opportunities. We do that by raising awareness about the state of literacy in the province and the country, by promoting accessible programs for all, by collaborating with others who have similar interests and goals to support and celebrate learning, and by making connections.

17  Organizations received
               $47,355 in PGI Grants for 1055 learners

9  Organizations were reimbursed
          $7552 for purchasing IT

11  Organizations requested
              26 computers, 55 laptops & 5 printers
              through Computers for Schools

110  Practitioners completed
                     10 Practitioner Training modules

$10,125  in financial awards
                                             given to 43 learners

68  Learners attended 5 writing workshops

69   participants attended the
                 PD Conference for Practitioners

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LNS provides funding, practitioner training, and learner financial awards.
We also produce resources, share information about literacy, promote accessible programs for all, and collaborate with others in order to support and celebrate learning.

Friends of literacy gathered at the NSPGI for Literacy Gala Dinner and Auction on April 30, 2019 to celebrate adults who returned to learning.